Just a quick vent..

I go thru times where I look around and get irritated with my surroundings, people included. I’m 19 years old and most of the people I work with and hang around are older than me, yet they’re still at home with mom and dad, car/phone/etc etc are all given to them by mom and dad, never had to pay bills or take care of their necessities on their own, list goes on. And I can’t lie, that irritates the hell out of me. Why? Because I don’t have those luxuries. And when you’re surrounded by people who have all of those luxuries, it gets really irritating. Especially when you’re working your ass off everyday JUST to get by. What’s been really getting me lately is the people who are making BANK either illegally or thru hoeing. That’s the easy way out. And my biggest pet peeve in life are those people who always choose the easy way. I’ve always loved a challenge and right now working two jobs in retail and not having a car is my challenge. I work every single day of the week with barely any breaks and am still not ballin like these mother fuckers who are out here getting spoiled by mom and dad or sleeping around and getting paid to do it. Being a good, honest person is what I live for. I love who I am because I know I am a good girl who’s on her way to being an amazing woman, wife and mother, BUT, when will this all be worth it? When will something amazing finally happen to me or for me? It just makes me wonder what all this hard work is for sometimes. I see people getting handed the things that I work my ass off for and it just doesn’t seem fair… but this is all in God’s plan..